Maybe Today

By Emily Belle Freeman, David Butler

What does your soul need? What do you long for? Is your heart content? Perhaps you feel as if you are missing something. If you want life to satisfy your soul, you have to start living the soul-satisfying life. Maybe Today describes five holy patterns that when lived daily, will lead to the soul-satisfying life.



FROM ONE OF OUR READERS — "This is the kind of book that is short and powerful!! When you wake up in the morning, what kind of day are you expecting? Could it be different? Better? "Maybe today you will step out of your routine and step into the soul-satisfying life." (p. 3) The authors share five holy patterns to follow that will make a difference. I loved the way they laid them out. There are questions to reflect on and quotes that relate to each pattern. The quotes are from a variety of people, like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Robert Frost and more. I love how they include Jesus Christ and use examples from his life to show how the patterns will work in our lives. This book doesn't take long to read but applying the principles will take time and effort in order to see positive results. It's the type of book to read when you're feeling discouraged and are ready to make lasting changes or even when life is pretty good but you're ready to take it to the next level. It's beautifully illustrated and is full of hope and inspiration! It's a fantastic book to share with others!!"



A Simple Approach to a Soul-Satisfying Life

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Maybe Today

Emily Freeman took her first creative writing class in high school and has loved writing ever since. She finds great joy in studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Her deep love of the scriptures comes from a desire to find their application in everyday life. She is the author of several books, including EVEN THIS, Getting to the Place Where You Can Trust God With Anything. There is nothing Emily enjoys more for breakfast than a bowl of coconut ice cream, raspberries, and chocolate chips. Other favorites include parades, vacations, firework displays, and going for a long walk with a good friend. Emily and her husband, Greg, live in Lehi, Utah, and are the parents of five children, whom she adores. 

Emily Belle Freeman

David Butler's greatest love is people. He had adopted as a life motto: "Stuff no mattah, people mattah." His favorite people are his wife, Jenny, and their six darling children. Some of his other loves include good food, spontaneous adventures, Christmas morning, and the sea. David cohosts the popular YouTube scripture study channel Don't Miss This with Emily Belle Freeman and is the author of many religious books, including Ites: An Illustrated Guide to the People in the Book of Mormon; The Peter Potential; and Almighty: How the Most Powerful Being in the Universe Is Also Your Loving Father. Follow him on Instagram @mrdavebutler.