D&C 30-36 Come Follow Me Lesson

  1. Pam Nielsen says:

    Very interesting. What was the last song that was sungs title. Great job!!!
    Love you guys.

  2. Valayne May says:

    I’m here on the blog and still do not see the poster I can download to print and use for conference. I have looked here on the Easter lesson and the one before. I am probably just missing it, but don’t see anything except the banner to download.

  3. michelle says:

    Do you have a document of everything you say in this podcast? It is so FANTASTIC! My twin daughters keep going back and forth about going on a mission. There are sooo many things I want to correlate to them that you talk about. I feel like i need to write down half of what you talk about in this episode but it would be so easy if you have it already written down. Thanks so much

  4. Shelly Keller says:

    What is the word for the week for this lesson? I don’t see it anywhere. Thank you! Also, I used the Easter idea with “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” when I subbed in seminary last week and it was a beautiful discussion. I even had two parents text me after school and thank me for it. Thank you for sharing that!

  5. Julianna Breillatt says:

    Can you point me in the direction of Phoebe Brooks Rigdons reply to her husband when he counsels with her about joining the church?

  6. Annie Hamrick says:

    Loved the video! What is the name of the song that was sung at the beginning by Jason?

  7. Christi says:

    Where do you find the beautiful story giving Phebe Rigdon’s response to joining the church? I love that they did it side-by-side.

  8. Stephanie Tanner says:

    Hi there-I’m looking for a copy of the pome that you read the week before Easter. You were in your friends house and it was in the front of the coffee table book. You didn’t say who the author was but I’d love to find it.

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