D&C 27-28 Come Follow Me Lesson

  1. Well-done! The blog is lovely, it looks spankin’ new! I love that every question is taken to the Lord, and every answer immediately acted upon. What a lesson to learn early.

  2. Laurie Hemsley says:

    Do you ever put the answers to your worksheets anywhere that we can look at?

  3. Teah says:

    The last word of Isaiah 52:12 is “rearward.” That’s “rear” and “ward” put together. I have never seen the word “rereward” used. I have always seen “rearward.” I’m confused by Emily pronouncing it “rereward.” I’ve always pronounced it “rear-ward.” Am I missing something?

  4. Demarae says:

    I love that this armor is made in the home, what a beautiful sentiment and encouragement to continue teaching my children well.

  5. My brother bookmarked this site for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to aid me and my friends for our class project. By the way, I enjoy the way you write.

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