D&C 23-26 Come Follow Me Lesson

  1. carol Osler says:

    an amazing lesson

  2. Loretta Sudweeks says:

    My favorite Emma Song is Serenity Blue, https://youtu.be/q1MINJaDsyk written and performed by Kimberly Jo Smith, her GGGrandaughter, and her son Brian Davis, I also learned much more of Emma’s story from her book Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys; https://www.amazon.com/Rising-Hills-Sinking-Valleys-Descendant/dp/1937735419

  3. Paula says:

    As I sit here crying after watching this weeks video I ponder over how much I have learned. How many people in the history of the church have gotten a bad rap… even from members including me. Oliver, Martin, Emma. “Thou shalt not judge”. How base am I. How many people have I harshly judged. I am truly suffering from a broken heart and contrite spirit. My heart hearts. Thank you so much. I am forever grateful.

  4. Maureen Thomas Carnahan says:

    Thank you for blessing my life. I appreciate your thoughtful presentation of Emma and the Lord’s call given to her. She is even a greater example of divine womanhood to me now.

  5. Teresa Bodrero says:

    This was a beautiful lesson. I loved it all. The grass was so green at Emma and Joseph’s home. Your discussion was so inspiring and tender. The song brought me to tears. I have heard it sung by many but not with such emotion. (Happy tears). Thank you for making the scriptures so personal and real.

    I can’t afford the poster set. What was the “word of the week”?
    Thank you for sharing your hearts and minds each week. You have helped me understand the scriptures so much better (they are real).



    I don’t seem to be getting any information on the March 15 class. When I try to sign up to “be the first to know” I get an error message saying I am already receiving Book of Mormon emails. I miss a lot of stories & information on Instagram. Is there any information? It starts in less than a week. I am supposed to be passing info to my siblings and I can’t really give any.

    • Emily Freeman says:

      Hi, Teresa! Were you able to find out about the master class? Let us know if you still want some information about it! There’s a link for it on the homepage of our website.

  6. Kristin says:

    I just love this blessing of Emma’s. So beautiful. Thank you all so much for making It so easy to dive deep into the scriptures by giving us all this background as well. I loved the field trip this week❤️

  7. Bonnie M Adamson says:

    Thank you so much for including these quotes and sources here!

  8. Robin Kiener says:

    Thank you so much for these Come Follow Me lessons. I enjoy them every week!

  9. LORI A ECCLES says:

    I so loved the song. What a spirit that sweet Sister gave as she started to show how the spirit touched her heart. Thank you for sharing !!!

  10. Amber Wiser says:

    Can I happen to get the link or quote of the letter David read from Emma to Joseph in the YouTube video for D&C 25? (at the time stamp 18:59)
    Thank you

  11. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I listen (watch) your videos in the morning as I get ready….that SONG.

    Beautiful, but not necessarily helpful when putting makeup on for the day.

    Thank you for all of your hard work. It’s made me a different student of the gospel.

  12. AVENA says:

    Scriptures everyday with sincere prayers I’m at total awe for how he listens and does help.
    Love the D&C more this yr then ever.
    Truly to me this is my positive to the COVID-19.
    Thanks for your sweet spiritual love and being personable.
    Love Sister Avena Lock Moses Lake Wa

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