D&C 49-50 Come Follow Me Lesson

  1. Annie Gilbert says:

    Aloha Emily and David,
    I love your videos and find them so helpful as I study the D&C. I also would love to print out your blackboard outline to add to my journal. Where can I find them? I’d appreciate your help.

    • Emily Freeman says:

      Aloha, Annie! Right now we have a picture of our blackboard in our weekly newsletters and you could also take a screenshot of the blackboard from our YouTube video before we walk in front of it at the very beginning. This is what we have right now! Hope this helps. Thanks for studying with us, Annie!

  2. Susan Hicken says:

    I tried to find the verse in Hebrews that Emily mentioned about believers but I can’t seem to find the right one…Hebrews 4 is good but not quite what I remember…

  3. Olivia Skidmore says:

    I am a direct descendant of Levi ward Hancock. I am also traveling to Kitland Ohio in a few weeks for a church history tour with my mom. Could you guide me to some things I could read about my ancestor particularly when he was in Ohio? I’m really enjoying your lessons and study guide.
    Thank you,
    Olivia Skidmore

  4. Tanilee says:

    Hello! What is the instagram account that David mentioned with the post regarding fear? I think the name mentioned was “Sean Sweats”?? TIA

  5. Kendra Byington says:

    Can you post the quote from President Nielson?

    • Emily Freeman says:

      Hi, Kendra. Here’s President Nelson’s quote:

      “[C]hoose to believe in Jesus Christ. If you have doubts about God the Father and His Beloved Son or the validity of the Restoration or the veracity of Joseph Smith’s divine calling as a prophet, choose to believe and stay faithful. Take your questions to the Lord and to other faithful sources. Study with the desire to believe rather than with the hope that you can find a flaw in the fabric of a prophet’s life or a discrepancy in the scriptures. Stop increasing your doubts by rehearsing them with other doubters. Allow the Lord to lead you on your journey of spiritual discovery.”


  6. Amber Standage says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me the title of the book you have that has the extra stories about the people. David used it during this podcast. Sorry, I am sure you have given the title another time. Love you guys!
    Thank you!

    • Emily Freeman says:

      Hi, Amber! Could it be Making Sense of the Doctrine & Covenants by Steven C. Harper? We use this one a lot. And there’s also Who’s Who in the Doctrine and Covenants by Susan Easton Black. Thanks for studying with us!

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